How to Support the Stream

*Stream support and donations are NOT necessary, but ALWAYS appreciated! You guys are what makes the stream so awesome!*

Here are a few ways to help support the stream

I have finally joined Patreon!  With Patreon, you can give direct support and also get some exclusive benefits that non-patreon supporters do not have access to!

You can use the “SUPPORT A CREATOR” feature whenever you are making purchases through Epic Games.  This includes any games purchased from the Epic Games website or when shopping in the Item Shop on Fortnite.  It adds no extra cost to your already existing order!

Buying Merch is a great way to support the stream, if Dos ever finishes making it!

You can send “bits” on Twitch (similar to embers) and you can also “subscribe” to my channel! If you have “Prime”, it will even give you a free channel sub!